Renato Ricci

Renato Ricci

Co-founder and Director of The Inner Game School of Timothy Gallwey

Renato Ricci started up together with Tim Gallwey the first The Inner Game School in Brazil in 2011. Since that he is working with the mission to bring TIGS to other countries from Latam and Europe.

Renato Ricci is from São Paulo, he has held positions of leadership, has more than thirty years as a consultant, coach, mentor and trainer in the areas of business management, strategy and career. Speaker and facilitator on various topics, including leadership and organizational strategy, has trained over 5,000 people over the past few years.

He is the author of more than ten books on leadership, business management and coaching, published in Brazil, USA and Europe, among them the most recent: “Strategic Mentorship”.

He has extensive international experience.

He has developed Focus on Customer Focus work with the Ritz Carlton Company in Atlanta and Barcelona (the only organization to win twice the American Malcon Baldrige Award). Along with Tim Gallwey – recognized as the father of Coaching – he founded in 2012 the first The Inner Game International School in Brazil.

Today the school has training centers in the USA and Europe, in countries like Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Portugal. Ricci is also editor of Exame Magazine’s Positive Management blog. He had the opportunity to attend training and conferences with Anthony Robbins, Tim Gallwey, David Cooperider, Martin Selligman, Daniel Pink, Guy Kawasaki, Robert Diltz, John Whitmore, all great personal development and learning experts.

He was a pioneer in bringing to the organizations the theme of positive psychology, a new way of looking at business managements and executive career. Its clients today are companies, executives, managers looking for some type of development, young people in the decision-making process, entrepreneurs and professionals in transition.

He has been a press reference in matters concerning leadership, business management, executive life and career. He is the founder of the Creative Learning Institute and creator of the Mentor Talks® method.

Among its clients are renowned companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Vivo, Grupo Pão de Açucar, Alpargatas, Banco Itaú, Biolab, Vivo, Sindipeças, ZF-Sachs, Banco Daimler, Band TV, among others. My Trajectory in 30 Years

A Little Bit of History Over the Years

2016 – MUCH MORE!

And 2016 arrives with much more. For the first time in Brazil the theme Corporate Storytelling with the ace James Mcsill. The Co-opVision® program – a consultancy that will revolutionize the market – promises to balance organizations and maximize results. New US Studies Mission, now with more companies. Minute Mentor – new project and new way to share knowledge.


The CLI began the year with the objective of showing the market some strong characteristics that are permeated in their values. One of them is the focus on always delivering the best but not being stuck in the usual formats and patterns of teaching. We launched the first program in the world where each student designs their own Coaching application method. We brought to Brazil for the first time Prof. Paul Denisson, who has been working on the Brain Gym theme for more than twenty years in the US and Europe. We did our first US Study Mission visiting companies with Disney, Harley-Davidson and others. We promoted the first International Coaching Forum with speakers from different countries. We launched the first Strategic Mentoring program applied to companies.

2014 – STRUCTURES THE CLI Creative Learning Institute Brazil

Renato Ricci invites Roberta Miranda, a partner in TIGIS herself, to participate in a new project to gather the experiences mentioned here and to design a totally different learning environment. The Mission to share knowledge, experiences and ideas is put into practice.


We promote the first TEDxAvPaulista version of the world famous TED event with the theme Discover, Inspire and Act.


Renato Ricci is invited to found the first school of Tim Gallwey – the precursor of Coaching, what happens in Brazil. The school is implemented and begins to operate in Brazil being followed by Czech Republic, Italy and USA.


The publisher is born to attend authors who wish to publish their first work. In just two years of existence more than 40 titles published. Among NewBook ​​titles are best sellers such as The Inner Game (Tim Gallwey) and The New Leaders (Paolo Ruggeri) in addition to the books by Renato Ricci – Positive Minds, Leading in Crisis and Coaching A New Vision.


Innovating once again, we began to bring into the organizations the practical concept of Positive Psychology. Renato Ricci represents Brazil at the first European Conference on Positive Psychology in Copenhagen in Denmark.


The consultancy advises large companies, in other segments such as retail logistics, and perceives an aptitude for the work of developing teams and strategic managers.


The company organizes events with renowned Brazilian and international speakers. American James Lamprecht – considered at the time by Quality Digest magazine as the current Quality guru, visits Brazil for a series of lectures.


The company begins to engage in differentiated consulting and training projects in segments that were still unexplored at the time. Important partnerships have emerged in the areas of education, hospitality and tourism and the environment. Renato Ricci is invited to see the operation of the Ritz Carlton hotel chain in the US and Europe – the only organization to win twice the American quality award Malcolm Baldrige.

1992 – A NEW RUMO

Qualitec Consultoria is born a company with a more comprehensive focus and service of several segments.


A young engineer, Renato Ricci, is invited by a more experienced friend to take a solo flight. A training and consulting company was born focused on business management and quality. A few months after its inauguration, Brazil faces one of its harshest crises with the arrival of Fernando Collor to power.

Ренато Риччи начал вместе с Тимом Галлли первую школу Inner Game School в Бразилии в 2011 году. С тех пор он работает с миссией по привлечению TIGS в другие страны из Латама и Европы.


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